Commercial Systems

Businesses grow when your output increases and costs come down.

Commercial establishments generally consume most of the energy during the day, when grid electricity is the most expensive.

If you have a wide, flat roof, you are best placed to install solar panels and generate your own, green power. If not, we can figure out a way to still make it work for you.

The investment you make is one-time. The benefits you get are for a lifetime.

As you may know, 2020 is the last year to receive federal tax benefits of 26% on your investment. After you claim this, the panels which have a lifespan of 25-30 years, will continue to provide your business free and abundant energy, as well as depreciation on taxes from time to time.

Whichever way you look at it, Awake is the way to be.

Installing your own solar system saves you more than leasing it. Our services are completely hassle-free and include planning, engineering, providing the materials and equipment, installing, connecting, and maintaining the panels long-term.

Worldwide, the cost we are paying for using fossil fuels is going up. It’s taking a higher toll on our expenses as well as on the planet.

With Awake, your company can demonstrate a higher level of consciousness and cut down on recurring expenses significantly.