Site Factors

The process of installing your very own solar system, usually starts off by ascertaining a few site factors: (1) Nothing shading your roof (2) A southerly-facing pitch (3) Space for panels (4) Installation-friendly roofing materials

Logistical Factors

Ascertaining the Site Factors is followed up by logistical factors: (1) Higher cost of grid energy (> 11-12¢ per kWh) (2) Solar-friendly utility (3) Net metering/solar buyback (4) HOA approval

Some of these processes can be done online and over the phone. But to truly provide your residence or commercial establishment with a solar system that is authentic and tailored for your needs, we prefer a site visit.

Here, our experts, often led by our hands-on founder, inspect the building, evaluate all parameters, and then arrive at a solution which is optimum in terms of form and function.

Our proposal also includes the contract to begin work. But otherwise, our proposal is simple and easy to understand with no hidden sub-contracts or fine print.

Design & Engineering

Every roof’s structure, size, orientation, and material is unique, so your system has to be designed before it’s installed. We also take into account wind loads, proximity to your electrical panel, and a general sense of aesthetics. These systems are made to last for decades, so each one is designed, approved and installed by a professional.


Depending on where your building is, there may be a municipal permit required in order to install a solar system.

We ascertain permitting requirements at the assessment stage, so that we can plan for this early and reduce waiting time.

Installing the System

While residential installations are quicker, commercial installation can take months.

First, we establish a safe route from the ground onto your roof. Then, we begin mounting the hardware, setting the rails, followed by securing the panels.

Once everything is installed according to plan, we wire the panels together. This process takes a little bit of math to coordinate circuits, so that we can maximize your system’s output.

Finally, we plug in an inverter and the other hardware that makes the system work efficiently, and put it to rigorous test before calling for an inspection.


If your system required a permit, it will also require an inspection. A qualified inspector from your city or municipality will need to verify that we installed the system properly.

Once the inspector gives us an approval, you can officially own and run your own solar system that lets you lead an awakened, conscious life, complete with savings for yourself and the rest of the world.


By choosing Awake, you can now ensure that your next electricity bill will be smaller than the one before, and this process of savings will continue for decades. Till you are completely free of paying for your power.

This is the ultimate form of consciousness, where leading a better lifestyle doesn’t mean extracting resources from the earth or burning fossil fuels that pollute the air we breathe.

You can now draw energy that is freely available, and provides you and the world with sense, sensibility and savings.