Our Values

What separates us from the rest of the solar power companies, is our value system.

While most of the solar companies are owned by profit maximizing corporations, we are thankfully owned and run by humans.

Our value system is simple. We derive maximum value when a customer gets maximum value for his or her investment.

To ensure this, we don’t provide lease connections, which are finally owned by a third party. We give you direct ownership.

For a one-time investment, our solar systems ensure that you make 80-100% savings, so that your total investment is recovered in about 5-6 years.

This means, after a maximum period of 5-6 years, the power that you use to run your house, your office and all your gadgets, is completely free.

Of course, equipping your roof with Awake Solar panels also ensures that you add value to your building. In case, you wish to sell and relocate later, you are likely to receive much higher premium.