How are we different

There are companies which lease solar panels, and then there are companies which give you ownership of the solar system.

Awake starts off at a time when the cost of solar panels has become affordable for all. It encourages every residential or commercial setup in Texas first, and later all of USA, to own a bit of the sun.

When you lease a solar system, the ownership belongs to a third party. When you install your own solar system, you become the direct owner and make enough savings to pay off your investment in approximately 5 years.

Plus, you also get 26% federal tax credit on your investment till the end of 2020.

These days, the efficiency and durability of solar panels is very high. The solar panels are rain-proof, snow-proof and time-proof. They usually last 25+ years and hardly need any maintenance. And in case there’s a problem, we’re always there to repair.